Wednesday, October 1, 2008

IJTE publication available now and organizations that support innovation in BC

This is just s short announcement that the IJTE article I co-authored with Elicia Maine is now available via Inderscience:

  • Bliemel, M.J., Maine, E.M.A. (2008) Network embeddedness as a predictor of performance for New Technology-Based Firms, International Journal of Technoentrepreneurship, 1(3), pp. 313 - 341

Also, here's a fun course projected I worked on with Ben, Josh and co during their MBA at SFU. It's a reapplication of Puttick's Complexity Grid to organizations in Vancouver and BC that promote innovation (link):

Puttick Grid

Here's another interesting article that's applied it to Clusters:

  • Carrie, A. (1999) Integrated clusters – the future basis of competition, International Journal of Agile Management Systems, 1(1), pp. 45-50(6)

PS: Congrats to Ben & Josh at Saltworks for scooping 1st place and the sustainability prize at New Ventures BC!