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Australian Angel data

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"For the second year running, the Australian Association of Angel Investors have conducted their National Angel Survey, with the following results:

  • Angels nationally invested $1.4 billion in more than 5,000 entrepreneurial companies.
  • These investments fuelled 26,500 Australian jobs.
  • Angel groups invested $1,166,700 in 6 new deals.
  • In these Angel group deals, groups leveraged a same-round co-investment in excess of $887,800 on a collective pre-money valuation of $8,393,000.
  • 54% of Angel investors in Australia are investing between $100,000 and over $500,000 a year.
  • The most popular sectors for individual Angels were Biotechnology and Information Technology.
  • Most Angel investors spend over 40 hours per month on their Angel investment activities.
  • Formal appointments occurred in over 80% of investments with 50% being non-executive directors.
  • The number of Angel investor groups in Australia has grown from three in 2006 to 12 by the end of 2009."
So what do these number mean?

It looks like individual angel investment outstrips angel group investment by 1,000:1. What this means for entrepreneurs is that pitching to a group of angels and following up one on one (and asking for referrals) is probably better than pitching to an angel group.

The other stats indicate that these angels aren't just friends and family willing to pitch in, but real high net worth individuals for whom angel investing is a serious occupation; not just sprinkling their cash around. Most of the investment appears to be from active or controlling angels, according to Bob's classification scheme (see bottom of for details).

I'd still like to know how many angels were invited to the survey, and what is their percent of population in comparison to other geographies?

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