Monday, August 30, 2010

PitchFe$t 2010 - RESULTS!

"It's kinda hard to do a twenty-minute pitch, and a lot easier to do a half-hour pitch, and an hour pitch, well no problem, but it's almost impossible to do a three-minute pitch." - Hamish Hawthorn, CEO ATP Innovations, at PitchFe$t 2010

And yet do the impossible they did.  Seventeen enterprising individuals each stood up in front of a live audience and three industry judges, and in 3 minutes pitched their innovative ideas for consideration.  Some of them hadn't even arrived with an idea, but came up with one while they watched and decided, "Hey, I might as well pitch this."

The judging panel deliberated intensely over the three finalists, and after long discussion decided that with so many good ideas, two honourable mentions were announced along with the three winners.

Our thanks to Hamish Hawthorn, Topaz Conway, and Bart Jellema for generously donating their time and expertise to evaluating the contestests and their pitches.  Also thanks to the AGSM ICE Club (Naveen Danda, Sukrit Kumar, and Morten Lauritzen) for putting the event together.

The winners and their ideas are:

1st place - James Trigg for Niche Source, a website aggregating release dates for the latest cool mass market devices

2nd place - Ravi Ramjas for his idea for a website with evaluations of uni courses and programs

3rd place - Lucky Joeng, for his idea on a portable, personal ambient air tester

Honourable Mention to Mahesh Venkat, for his idea of a webshop providing custom shoe pairs – different sizes for each of a pair of feet.

Honourable Mention to Johann Sandberg, for his idea of installing vending machines on the uni campus for pens and related note-taking supplies

From L to R: Mahesh Venkat, Johann Sanberg, Naveen Danda, Sukrit Kumar, Dr Martin Bliemel, Ravi Ramjas, Lucky Jeong, James Triggs, Morten Laruitsen

For a complete list of contestants and the ideas they presented, check out our website

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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