Saturday, October 9, 2010

StartupCamp Sydney going strong (Oct 8-10)

From time to time I have been popping in to check on StartupCamp Sydney IV. Sometimes in person at ATP Innovations, sometimes just checking Bart's twitter feed or the #sucs hashtag.

There are dozens of 30-second idea pitches online, and teams have gelled around 10 ideas listed on the StartupCamp website:

My favorite one has probably got to be the mash-up between ChatRoulette and Foursquare:

The whole collection of videos is available at:

What's next??
The whole schedule of events is available at:

The next sections that are open to the public are:
Saturday 9 Oct at 9pm: Launches and Demos to Press, Party!
Each team has maximum 5min (and you will be cut off and this includes fumbling with laptops, etc) to pitch and give a live demo of their product. After this there will be 2-3mins in which the press can ask questions. This pitch is NOT for investors. This is where you get the world excited about your invention
Sunday 10 Oct:
2:00PM - Investor and business leaders arrive for Grand Final Pitches
4:00PM - Networking, Clean-up, Final Touches!
5:00PM - Close off StartupCamp IV

Hope to see you there!

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