Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mapping Sydney's Innovation System (a pet project)

Hi Everyone,

This is a test to crowdsource mapping out Sydney's Innovation System using Google Docs and NodeXL. To start, I have added CIE and a few affiliated organizations to the initial network map:

To add yourself to the map:

  • Open the raw data spreadsheet in google docs and add your (organization's) name to the "Vertices" tab.
  • Add a size, roughly equivalent to how many start-ups or teams your organization represents (rule of thumb is 5-6 per team)
  • Add a URL to your logo
  • Add some info about you in the Tooltip column (or a URL to your homepage)
To add your affiliations to the map:
  • Open the "Edges" tab in same spreadsheet
  • For each affiliation, add yourself and the affiliate (make sure the spelling is the SAME as in the "Vertices" tab!)
Do NOT change the formatting or columns in the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, I could not upload the xlsx spreadsheet as is, so the map can be drawn automatically. Instead, I have to copy and paste the raw data from the google doc version into the NodeXL version to regenerate the graph. 

If the map on this page looks massively out of date, please nag us at to regenerate it. We'll then update this post, and tweet about the update.

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