Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mentoring (update and guidelines)

Just a quick update today that we're looking at the next generation of mentoring opportunities at UNSW. We have two programs in the works: mentoring for coursework, and mentoring for competitions.

For STRE2010 and STRE5607, one semester I manually paired students up with mentors, the next I coached them to network and find their own (see mentoring blog post). This coming session, I’m inclined to do both. Start them off with finding their own, and then invite additional mentors. Students then learn to not sole-source their feedback, and mentors get to know other mentors. As a result, we now have an updated set of Mentor Guidelines.

For the Peter Farrell Cup (update coming soon), where teams compete for prizes, we’re planning on pairing participating teams in the Peter Farrell Cup with mentors.

If you are interested in mentoring teams for coursework, or for the competition, please contact us at

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