Friday, July 8, 2011

Social Innovation Competition

(from our colleagues at the UNSW Co-op Students Charitable Society)

Want to put your skills and creative knowledge to the test and make a real-life impact on the community? Then the Social Innovation Competition is the project for you!

What is the Social Innovation Competition?
The Social Innovation Competition (SIC) aims to connect university students to a variety of charities and not-for-profit organisations with the purpose of creating awareness of the challenges faced by these organisations and to help generate innovative solutions to these challenges. The competition will allow students to gain first hand contact with charity representatives as well as empowering them through specialized CIE workshops to create unique and “outside the box” ideas.

How can you benefit from participating in this competition? 
  • Put your skills and knowledge to the test to come up with creative ways of addressing challenges faced by charities;
  • Make a meaningful impact on the community that goes far beyond making a simple donation;
  • Learn how to develop and structure a business proposal through a range of CIE workshops;
  • Win casg prizes for your allocated charity as well as prizes for yourselves;
  • Potentially assist your charity to implement your idea if the charity deems it feasible;
  • Develop teamwork, leadership, communication, presentation, problem-solving and analytical skills, which all look great on your resume!

How does the competition work?
The competition will run for 6 weeks. Students compete in teams of 4 for the chance to win prize money for their charity. 
Student teams will register their team and outline why they should be chosen to participate in the competition. Selected teams will participate in the information night where charities and students will be given the opportunity to meet and brainstorm with their host charity. 6 weeks later all teams will present their ideas to a panel of judges who will select the prizewinners. 
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